1. Benchmarking one-shot distillation in general quantum resource theories
    Bartosz Regula, Kaifeng Bu, Ryuji Takagi, and Zi-Wen Liu
    Physical Review A 101, 062315 (2020) arXivpdf

    Editors’ Suggestion

  2. Quantifying quantum speedups: improved classical simulation from tighter magic monotones
    James R. Seddon, Bartosz Regula, Hakop Pashayan, Yingkai Ouyang, Earl T. Campbell
    arXiv:2002.06181 arXivcode

    Presented at TQC 2020 (video)

  3. Coherence manipulation with dephasing-covariant operations
    Bartosz Regula, Varun Narasimhachar, Francesco Buscemi, and Mile Gu
    Physical Review Research 2, 013109 (2020) arXivpdf

    Presented at AQIS 2019


  1. General resource theories in quantum mechanics and beyond: operational characterization via discrimination tasks
    Ryuji Takagi and Bartosz Regula
    Physical Review X 9, 031053 (2019) arXivpdf

    Presented at Beyond IID 2019

  2. One-shot entanglement distillation beyond local operations and classical communication
    Bartosz Regula, Kun Fang, Xin Wang, and Mile Gu
    New Journal of Physics 21, 103017 (2019) arXivpdfcode

  3. Robustness of quantum memories: An operational resource-theoretic approach
    Xiao Yuan, Yunchao Liu, Qi Zhao, Bartosz Regula, Jayne Thompson, and Mile Gu
    arxiv:1907.02521 arXiv

    Presented at QIP 2020

  4. Generic bound coherence under strictly incoherent operations
    Ludovico Lami, Bartosz Regula, and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review Letters 122, 150402 (2019) arXivpdfcode

  5. Operational advantage of quantum resources in subchannel discrimination
    Ryuji Takagi, Bartosz Regula, Kaifeng Bu, Zi-Wen Liu, and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review Letters 122, 140402 (2019)

    Editors’ Suggestion


  1. Nonasymptotic assisted distillation of quantum coherence
    Bartosz Regula, Ludovico Lami, and Alexander Streltsov
    Physical Review A 98, 052329 (2018)

  2. Gaussian quantum resource theories
    Ludovico Lami, Bartosz Regula, Xin Wang, Rosanna Nichols, Andreas Winter, and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review A 98, 022335 (2018)

    Editors’ Suggestion
    Presented at Beyond IID 2018

  3. Evaluating the robustness of k-coherence and k-entanglement
    Nathaniel Johnston, Chi-Kwong Li, Sarah Plosker, Yiu-Tung Poon,
    and Bartosz Regula
    Physical Review A 98, 022328 (2018) arXivpdfcode on GitHub

  4. Probabilistic distillation of quantum coherence
    Kun Fang, Xin Wang, Ludovico Lami, Bartosz Regula, and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review Letters 121, 070404 (2018)

  5. One-shot coherence distillation
    Bartosz Regula, Kun Fang, Xin Wang, and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review Letters 121, 010401 (2018)
    Presented at AQIS 2018

  6. Converting multilevel nonclassicality into genuine multipartite entanglement
    Bartosz Regula, Marco Piani, Marco Cianciaruso, Thomas R. Bromley, Alexander Streltsov, and Gerardo Adesso
    New Journal of Physics 20, 033012 (2018)
    Presented at AQIS 2017

  7. Accessible bounds for general quantum resources
    Thomas R. Bromley, Marco Cianciaruso, Sofoklis Vourekas, Bartosz Regula, and Gerardo Adesso
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51, 325303 (2018) arXivpdf


  1. Convex geometry of quantum resource quantification
    Bartosz Regula
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51, 045303 (2018)
    Best Paper Prize 2019
    Featured in Highlights of 2018
    Presented at AQIS 2017


  1. Geometric approach to entanglement quantification with polynomial measures
    Bartosz Regula and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review A 94, 022324 (2016) arXivpdf

  2. Strong monogamy inequalities for four qubits
    Bartosz Regula, Andreas Osterloh, and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review A 93, 052338 (2016) arXivpdf

  3. Entanglement quantification made easy: Polynomial measures invariant under convex decomposition
    Bartosz Regula and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review Letters 116, 070504 (2016)
    Presented at AQIS 2016

  4. Generating entanglement between two-dimensional cavities in uniform acceleration
    Bartosz Regula, Antony R. Lee, Andrzej Dragan, and Ivette Fuentes
    Physical Review D 93, 025034 (2016)arXivpdf


  1. Strong monogamy conjecture for multiqubit entanglement: The four-qubit case
    Bartosz Regula, Sara Di Martino, Soojoon Lee, and Gerardo Adesso
    Physical Review Letters 113, 110501 (2014) arXivpdf